Princess of Quarks

Have you ever wanted to make gold out of ordinary materials. Here's your chance! Help the princess gather enough subatomic particles to make a gold atom.


Do you have the stuff to survive as a tiny Chihuahua? Use your knowledge of doglanguage to get by the big, mean dogs unharmed.
More on how Chicalm was programmed.

Pythagoras Proofs

Check out these two cool animations! A puzzle where you can see whether the pythagorean theorem is right or not yourself. And another interactive animation to show the same thing.

Matching Games

Can you match the dogs with their owners? Or do you know which Mathematicians worked on which fields?

Sine Waves

Define different sine waves and hear how they sound. Or add two waves together and see what you get.
Need an introduction to Trigonometry first?

Who is Who of Particles

Do you know the Who is Who of the smallest particles in the World? Test your knowledge here.
Start at the beginning if you're not quite an expert yet.